Thank You!

I have had a huge outpouring of support from everyone about my wedding woes.  Thank you so much, blogosphere, and bridesmaids, and friends.   I am going to make more of an effort to ask for help instead of freaking out.

I love you very much.




2 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Witt! I love the new blog background. You are so creative, smart, and pretty that there is no way that your wedding could be anything but perfect. If I can help from here in DC – let me know! Love You, Jenni

  2. I might be a bit behind but I too had loads of woes. In fact, my fiance and I both did. Then, we did it and it was absolutely wonderful in every way.

    Friends came in from around the world. Our minister sang a Johnny Cash song during the homily. Our reception was full of music we love and let’s not forget amazing cake. Everyone danced. We and our guests loved every minute of it and here are some pictures to prove it:

    The Kiss
    Stephens / Brown Wedding

    Hang in there and keep it simple.

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