I woke up on my wedding day and took my clothes off to get into the shower. For some reason my hair was wet and I looked in the mirror. My hair was spotty ad bleached in random places. And my face was orange! I had a stripe of orange self-tanner dividing my face from my nose up.
Also I was in the house I grew up in, where I haven’t lived in 8 years.

THEN I somehow put on my wedding dress and it was twisted around my middle so the sweetheart neckline dipped in my armpit.  So I put on a full-on long sleeve lace dress and tried to find my veil.  But I didn’t have a veil.  Luckily, Amy came and gave me the veil she wore in her wedding, pictured below.


Amy and I on her wedding day.  I was MOH.  This is when I woke up.


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