Shop Girl asked me how the skin care regime is going.  Here’s the verdict.  Dermalogica was just okay.  For the price, I would rather have something else.  It made my eyes sting when I put the eye cream on, and I didn’t love the scent.

I am trying to finish it all off (I only bought a 30-day supply) and I am forcing myself to do so.

Here’s what I bought that I LOVE:


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference.  It is the most amazing face lotion ever.  Never greasy, feels fantastic, doesn’t sting, and when I use it at night, it makes my face feel really really plump (for lack of a better word) in the morning.  I used to use this (about 4 years ago) during the day, until I realized it had no SPF (eeeekkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!).  I have missed using it, so I picked some up about a month ago and Voila!  Perfect night cream.

It also costs about 50% less at Costco than in a department store.

I also am still pushing the Wave.  I like it so much I bought it for my Dad for Chrismas (He loves the sonicare).  I don’t think he has used it yet.


But I love it.


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