Flower Conumdrum

We met with a possible florist last night, and I realized I don’t really know what I want in terms of flowers. 

I need help. 

She brought me a bouquet (ill post a pic later) and it was red roses with white berries tied with black ribbon.  I liked the size, but she and Brendan agreed it was too big for me.  Boo Hoo.  I guess people do sometimes notice I’m 5 feet tall.

I told her I preferred all red, with no accents.  But then she wanted to know what color ribbon I wanted!  I don’t know!  I didn’t like the black though.  She also brought a book of flowers and kept asking me what kind of flowers I wanted.  Red.  That’s all I care about.




I don’t love the red ribbon here, either.

And either a white or chocolate brown ribbon?  The James has chocolate brown linens.  Help me!


3 responses to “Flower Conumdrum

  1. My florist recommend white ribbon for me and black for the bridemaids. (to match our dresses) At the time I didn’t think much about it, but I am glad that it matched our dresses because the pictures turned out nice and the main focus was on the flowers. (the ribbon just blended into the dresses)

  2. i totally don’t know anything about flowers.

    but those one flowers in the first bouquet w/ the roses – my friend used those for her bridesmaid bouquets. just those, and they were awesome.


    good luck – i just told the florist what i wanted and what i wanted to spend and she did the rest. it wasn’t exactly like i imagined, but i still really loved how it turned out.

  3. I really like the first picture.
    And, could you just have green ribbon so you don’t really notice it? I know nothing about these things!
    I also think a dark brown would be nice.

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