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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Last night, not only did we get an invite to Beck’s wedding, but we worked on our Save The Dates.

Am I the only bride whose fiance doesn’t have ANYONE’s address (especially family)?  And you have to nag, nag, nag for him to get them?  I feel like I should just facebook friend everyone so I can get them myself.  Mind you, we send out Christmas Cards every year, so this shouldn’t be so hard!

System:  A notecard with each person who is invited with their address on it.  In the right-hand corner, either A or B group.  Next to the A is STD for Save the Date when we send it.  This is all getting mucked up by missing addresses.

Other System:  I stamp and Brendan stuffs.  Then I wet the envelope with a wet paper towel, and he seals it and puts it on a pile with a book on it (initially on the floor, nice move).


We are 90% done, though.  Do you wait to send them all out at the same time?  Or send them as they are done?  I think I need to double check them all with the cards before I send them.  Arg!

There’s nothing quite like a stack of STD’s topped with a copy of Permanent Midnight.


I want candy!


Candy Escort Cards!

Flip Flop

I bought these flippies for the reception.  Love them!  They are sitting in a box under the bed waiting for me to wear them.  They have almost a 2″ heel.


I am thinking of getting these for my Maids, too.  Maybe in a nice rose color?


Or just black, I suppose.

Stamp it!

First, I wanted to use Eames stamps for our Save The Dates


But they are all out of them at the post office.

I settled for these.


Awww, love.  I recommend ordering stamps online.  It’s fast, convenient, and you don’t get stuck with the Christmas stamps that are leftover from 3 months ago.  Waiting for these to come in the mail……………

Tonight I will start addressing invitations.

Image Credit.

Engagement book

This will also be our guest book, people will sign the pages. Our photog wasn’t happy about the way the book looked, because the cover image is a bit “sideways”.


She and Brendan want to switch it this way:


I just love the image so much that I can’ t complain.

What do you think?

This will be me.

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Deep Breath

Done.  I’m done with my project.  And I turn 28 today.  I woke up to Brendan calling me an “Old Bag”.  Lovely.

I really want to get my Save the Dates out this week.  Our wedding is just about 6 months away.  Eek!  I need stamps!


And I still need to decide on Invites.  Oh dear, so much to do.