Accomplishments! I feel better now!


Bought Dress

Booked DJ:  Toast and Jam

Registered at BBBeyond

Chose cake style

This Past Weekend:

Created a Contract for Florist

Finalized Guest List

Finalized Floral List

Finalized Wedding Party

Sorted Wedding Binder of Hell

Got Addresses we needed

Viewed RSVP and Accommodation Cards online

Looked for ceremony musicians

Ordered Cake Topper


Pick out Tuxedos


Try the food!  Finalize Menu.

Buy Invites and RSVP/Accomodation Cards

Send out STD’s April 1

Get more addresses


Shower?  Eeks!


Try cakegirls cake.  Oh, cake I love you.



One response to “Accomplishments! I feel better now!

  1. You’re so on top of it. When are you going to post a picture of the veil you bought? I just realized (re-reading your blog, wow, yes I spend that much time on here) that it wasn’t the exact one. I want to see it, can’t wait!!! And I love the beautiful hairpieces you were talking about for your bridesmaids. My friend Meeta did that for her wedding and it was TO DIE FOR beautiful 🙂

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