Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Last night, not only did we get an invite to Beck’s wedding, but we worked on our Save The Dates.

Am I the only bride whose fiance doesn’t have ANYONE’s address (especially family)?  And you have to nag, nag, nag for him to get them?  I feel like I should just facebook friend everyone so I can get them myself.  Mind you, we send out Christmas Cards every year, so this shouldn’t be so hard!

System:  A notecard with each person who is invited with their address on it.  In the right-hand corner, either A or B group.  Next to the A is STD for Save the Date when we send it.  This is all getting mucked up by missing addresses.

Other System:  I stamp and Brendan stuffs.  Then I wet the envelope with a wet paper towel, and he seals it and puts it on a pile with a book on it (initially on the floor, nice move).


We are 90% done, though.  Do you wait to send them all out at the same time?  Or send them as they are done?  I think I need to double check them all with the cards before I send them.  Arg!

There’s nothing quite like a stack of STD’s topped with a copy of Permanent Midnight.

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