Another Secret Post

This one is for the Bridesmaids!  Don’t peek!

I picked up these wedge flippies for the girls.  Old Navy, I love you.


I bought a white pair for myself, for good measure. 


Previously, I bought white flip flops for the reception from J. Crew, but the straps are a bit tight.  So I am just shoving them both under the bed.  I’ll make a decision later.  I don’t wear white flip flops in real life.  Ever.

For the reception, I love this idea;


How many weddings have you been to where your toesies hurt?

I’m waiting for these Old Navies to go to 99cents or less:


Wait and see!


2 responses to “Another Secret Post

  1. At my friend’s wedding last summer, she had all of the maids’ flip-flops placed under their chairs pre-reception (placement was my job) with cute little poems thanking them for being there for her (the bride) and ending with an instruction to look under their seat placed on the table where each girl would see it. It was really cute and I informed the bride that I was unashamedly stealing her idea when I got hitched.

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