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I can’t watch “Say Yes to the Dress” anymore.  I can’t watch “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” or “Platinum Weddings”.

I get Jealous.  I want my dress.

It was ordered in early February, which means it has been almost 4 months.  And so I called just to check up on it yesterday.  The lady at the bridal salon was very nice, looked it up for me and said it was going to ship on June 5.  Ship to their salon.  So it could be up to 4 weeks after it ships that I get it.  July 5.  Blerg!

I am worried about alterations, I don’t even know who is going to alter it yet.  I can’t get it altered at the salon, because it is a 4.5 hour drive from our home in Chicago.  I can’t commute for that.  So I need to pick it up and then find someone to make it fit perfectly.  Sounds easy, right?

125 days till the wedding!


Registry Joy

Here’s a few things we registered for on Saturday at Macy’s

Fiestaware:  In green and 2 shades of blue (the three colors on the right):



And the pitcher and mugs in RED.  Love my red kitchen.


And you know I need like 33 more cake stands.


Love it.

Speaking of the Menu

From Etsy seller jamiekonet


It fits on your plate! Genius!

First registry gift!

We spent the weekend picking up our wedding bands, registering at Macy’s, and attending a wedding.  We got home on Saturday to find a suprise from Fedex. 


Our first Registry gift!  10 Wine glasses from Crate and Barrel!


They are adorable, with huge 22oz bowls, and I love them.  I just have nowhere to put them.  Now this raises the question; where the crap are we going to put the 200 other things we registered for?

Maybe I need a stemware storage case.  Or two.


I plan on having a garage sale in June, so maybe that will clear some space.  Wish me luck!

Cootie Catcher Menu

Adorable.  So so cute.

From Etsy seller katskrafts


Got a ton done.

We spent a long weekend picking up our wedding rings, registering at Macy’s and attending a wedding on Saturday night.
I’m very worn out and promise a few long drawn out posts in the near future.
I have VIP test on Saturday, 3 hours, so I must start studying.

14 days of school!

A note on cigars.

Brendan and I periodically watch a Canadian wedding show called “Rich Bride, Poor Bride” and thank the lord that we aren’t crazy like the people on the show.

One of the ideas from the show that we both liked was having a cigar roller at the wedding who would pass out cigars.
I mentioned this to my friend Joann the other day, and she told me a funny story. She was at a wedding where the fathers of the bride and groom went around to the tables and passed out cigars, and she and her friends all thought it was a fantastic, classy idea.  Until everyone at the tables lit up the cigars and continued to smoke them at the tables.  At the reception.  Which soon became a smoke-filled hellhole.  From classy to dive bar in .2

Ugh.  Luckily smoking indoors is now banned in Chicago.