The long and short of it.

So here’s why I’ve been MIA.

If you know me well, you know that I have been unhappy at my job for the last 4 years. Being a teacher where I live is very competitive for the “good” schools. I have gone to countless interviews over the years, and I finally gave up and decided the only way I was going to get a better job was to;
1. Get a Masters Degree
2. Get National Board Certified

So I entered a Masters program and started the process for NBC last spring, right after we got engaged. I figured that I would get NBC certified in 2009, and we would get married, then I would graduate in 2010, and then look for a new job that spring, with new credentials. And I would be more likely to get a job now that I had a packed resume.

I plugged through the Masters program, and the NBC, and then, suddenly, in October, I got an email from a former collegue at my current school. He was opening a new school, was going to be the vice principal, and wanted me to apply for an English job there.
This didn’t fit in to my plan. I had a wedding to plan, NBC (which I whined about here), not to mention a full time job. But I knew that I needed to push to get out of here for my own sanity.  I am just so unhappy.   And so I applied for the job, interviewed and got it. This was November.

Now, dear reader, you may wonder why I wasn’t ecstatically posting about my new job in November, but many of my co-workers read this blog, and I had to keep it a secret. For 6 months. It was hard, very hard, not to just yell “I quit” every time I had a bad day. It was like knowing you had ice cream in the freezer for 6 mohtns, and you want to eat it so bad, but you have to let it sit. It was very hard.

So now done is done, I have 25 more days here.  I haven’t told my students, but I started cleaning out my classroom.  I told my Principal and Vice Principal that I’m leaving (there is a very long protocol for this) filled out all of the appropriate paperwork, and tried to finish wedding stuff while working on moving on.  I’ve been here 5 years, and I am just ready to go.  So posting will be sporatic as I pack up my classroom where I’ve taught 750 children.  Wow.

25 more days.  I know I’ll be so much happier somewhere else.


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