Off the Wagon

I’m so depressed.  I am totally off the wagon when it comes to diet and excercise. 

I was doing so well just 2 weeks ago, but I am scared to get on the scale.  My pants aren’t as loose as they once were.

I am scared that I won’t be able to fit into my wedding dress when it comes it.  Terrified.

And the stress of changing jobs and the end of the school year isn’t helping.  And having our floors refinished isn’t helping either, because we had to eat everything to clean out the refrigerator.

Here’s the new workout schedule:

Monday: 30 Day Shred

Tuesday:  Class, no workout

Wednesday: Work out with Chrissy, my fantastic trainer

Thursday:  Run at the gym

Friday:  30 Day Shred

Diet: 1500 Calories a day.

Goal: Lose 5 lbs to look good for Beck’s wedding, May 24 (2 weeks away!)


2 responses to “Off the Wagon

  1. Hi! I found you when searching for “short-hair bride” a while back and have been following along ever since, wishing you well for your wedding.

    Might I recommend Weight Watchers — I’ve been on it for 9 months and swear by it. It’s totally worth the money because you get that money back when you eat out less, or at least eat fewer big meals out.

    I lost 25 pounds and have been doing a good job of keeping it off. A couple of my friends joined the program with me and they’ve all rocked it as well.

    Occasionally, I have some gains but I don’t get upset about them any more because I know I can adjust the program to suit my needs (be it maintenance or loss).

    Plus, not having to think about calories helps too. It’s much easier to do small math (they call it points value) and portion control.

    Just some thoughts. Cheers!

  2. what is a 30 day shred?

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