A note on cigars.

Brendan and I periodically watch a Canadian wedding show called “Rich Bride, Poor Bride” and thank the lord that we aren’t crazy like the people on the show.

One of the ideas from the show that we both liked was having a cigar roller at the wedding who would pass out cigars.
I mentioned this to my friend Joann the other day, and she told me a funny story. She was at a wedding where the fathers of the bride and groom went around to the tables and passed out cigars, and she and her friends all thought it was a fantastic, classy idea.  Until everyone at the tables lit up the cigars and continued to smoke them at the tables.  At the reception.  Which soon became a smoke-filled hellhole.  From classy to dive bar in .2

Ugh.  Luckily smoking indoors is now banned in Chicago.


One response to “A note on cigars.

  1. you COULD have cigars at your wedding. you also could have a drunk a-hole uncle steal them all, leaving no cigars for anyone. i’m just saying. i don’t know WHO’S wedding THAT was. hmmm…

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