First registry gift!

We spent the weekend picking up our wedding bands, registering at Macy’s, and attending a wedding.  We got home on Saturday to find a suprise from Fedex. 


Our first Registry gift!  10 Wine glasses from Crate and Barrel!


They are adorable, with huge 22oz bowls, and I love them.  I just have nowhere to put them.  Now this raises the question; where the crap are we going to put the 200 other things we registered for?

Maybe I need a stemware storage case.  Or two.


I plan on having a garage sale in June, so maybe that will clear some space.  Wish me luck!


One response to “First registry gift!

  1. hooray! i loved getting registry presents! sad news though, i think i got those very same giant wine glasses from crate & barrel – we’ve been married less than a year and ALL OF THEM ARE BROKEN. here’s hoping you guys aren’t as unruly as we are with our wine drinking…

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