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Uninvited Guests

I really didn’t think we would have to deal with this.

We are having an adults-only reception, and didn’t invite any family (on either of our sides) that wasn’t very very close.

We went to a wedding on Saturday, Brendan’s cousin.  She had invited every relative in the world, second cousins, etc.  Step cousins.  She is such a warm and friendly person, and wanted everyone to be included.

And we ended up at a table with step-cousins that:

1.  Are not invited to our wedding

2.  Had 2 children under 5 (highchairs, anyone)

As we are leaving the wedding, they say “See you at your wedding in October!”


Stickers for the candy buffet!

I am in love with stickermechic on Etsy!




These will be stuck to the take-out boxes for candy!  yay!

Which one do you like?  I think the 2nd or 3rd one.

Master list, updated.

Guest Book

Escort Cards
Bachlorette Party scheduled (in one week!)
Shower Scheduled
Photo Booth
Confirm Guest List

STD’s Out
Groom’’s Gifts
Bride’s Gifts
Wedding Bands
Day of Coordinator

Schedule (DOC will do)
OOT bags (DOC)
Candy Buffet (DOC)
Rehearsal Dinner Space
RSVP cards
Accomodations Cards
Cake topper
Cake tasting
Food tasting
Ceremony Musicians


Dress (not here yet!)
Register at BBB and C and B
Register at Macys


Hair trial/Makeup
Std’s ordered

Invites (waiting………..)
Card Box (birdcage)
Candy Buffet Containers

Candy and Scoops
Photo Upload Cards

Some personal reflections………

I recently left a job I had been at for 5 years.  Lamenting that I couldn’t wait to leave my job, I got a comment on this blog from a girl who agreed with me, and thought that I was quitting my job because I was getting married.  She was.

Since when did marriage become a quick ride on the housewife train?  I see no reason to quit your job unless you are planning on becoming at stay at home mom.  I don’t understand why, in this day and age, any woman would expect a man to provide a life for them.

Maybe it’s just too much wine.

Ring a Ding Ding

More of my amateur hour photography.  Enjoy!

This camera is 1,00000x better than my old one (usually referred to as “piece of crap”)

Love it!




100 Days!

Oh my God.  And my dress still isn’t in.

Help me!

Floating Candles


Our venue allows floating candles, and I plan on buying my own.  Here’s the best price I have found so far:


Any other suggestions?

In terms of vases, I’ve been buying the s–t out of the Salvation Army’s vase selection.  And I have a new guilty pleasure.


It just opened by my house.

So far, I have over 30 vases for both the flowers and the candles.  I think we’re done.