Uninvited Guests

I really didn’t think we would have to deal with this.

We are having an adults-only reception, and didn’t invite any family (on either of our sides) that wasn’t very very close.

We went to a wedding on Saturday, Brendan’s cousin.  She had invited every relative in the world, second cousins, etc.  Step cousins.  She is such a warm and friendly person, and wanted everyone to be included.

And we ended up at a table with step-cousins that:

1.  Are not invited to our wedding

2.  Had 2 children under 5 (highchairs, anyone)

As we are leaving the wedding, they say “See you at your wedding in October!”


2 responses to “Uninvited Guests

  1. oh no!

    Stick to your guns–you can do it.

    I’m trying to cut my guest so I feel your pain.

    Best Wishes!

  2. You coud do one of two things:

    ignore them and their comment or invite them but make sure you put a nice note that stresses the reception is ADULTS ONLY! Maybe they’d be offended and not attend.

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