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Road block….

We have gotten several calls and emails since the RSVP cards went out, that our guests are calling the James Hotel and being told there is no room block. Other people have booked rooms with no problem.
Waiting for the event coordinator to return our phone calls……..


Another bachlorette party pic

For your enjoyment:


Here’s the No Child Left Behind wording

Brendan tweaked it, here’s what we ended up with:

Child Care

Formal ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner reception are adults only.

If you plan to stay at the James Hotel, babysitting services are available

for a fee.

To reserve a nanny, contact:
James Hotel – Concierge

Fifty-Five East Ontario
(312) 660-7171

or e-mail

All done.

Honeymoon Envy

I’m starting to have serious regrets about putting our honeymoon off until next summer.  The problems are:

1.  I am in grad school, graduate in January

2.  I am starting a new job Sep. 8 or so, so it’s already a stretch to take a few days off only 3 WEEKS LATER.

At the beginning of the planning process, I didn’t see a need for a honeymoon.  Hey, we see each other every day, the big part of this whole thing is the wedding, right?

Now I’m realizing why people go on honeymoons, to escape the insanity that the wedding has become.  You’re just………. tired.  Tired of the attention, of the constant “wedding updates,” and lately, crying over credit card bills.   I’ve already hit the point where I don’t have to open boxes when they get to the house.  I have no problem waiting for B.  And this is from the girl who rips open her birthday gifts.

I read a lot of wedding blogs, 6mostly Chicago girls.

Chicago Bride to Be

Chicago Girl Gone Mild

Wed in the White City

Honey Bee Weddings

i heart peonies

with this ring, i thee obsess

and here’s a new one! A Wonderfully Witty Wedding.

and these girls all go on honeymoons, or are planning to right after the wedding.  Jealous.

Oh honeymoon, I look forward to you in 2010.

String Quartet Songs

American Girl, Tom Petty  (would it be tacky to walk down the aisle to this?)

There She Goes, the La’s  (or this?)

Just Like Heaven, The Cure  (wedding party walks in)

Just ideas.

70 Days! Arg!

That is all.

Cake Topper


And for the close up.


Looks just like us!