Dress Drama. Solved.

I was freaking out last week, when I realized we had only 100 days until the wedding, and I still didn’t have my dress.  thankfully, it came in, I went and picked it up, and got it home safe.

Until the cat decided to chase the train around the room, but he didn’t rip the tulle.  Thank God.

I couldn’t find a dress alterations place in Chicago that was in my price range, sure, there’s the dress doctor in Watertower place, and White Chicago.  But those are a bit pricey for a girl like me.  And parking is always an issue.

I found a woman in Schiller Park from recommendations on Weddingbee, but she was booked.  I decided to try Yelp.  I had tried before, and had no luck.  This time, I hit the jackpot!


Great reviews for Ms. Couture.  It’s less than 2 miles from my house, right by my gym, and there is plentiful streetparking.  And I loved the seamstress, she was so nice.

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