Frustration. Long post ahead.

The invitations are making my eyes bleed.  Remember this? Here is what I have so far:


Circular accom cards:  done with about 50.  I cut each by hand.


They will be affixed to the maps with a little brad.   Close up, anyone?

Also, cheers to my new camera.  It is AWESOME.


And tied to the Invite and the RSVP card, as seen here.


mockup 2

Here is the mock-up, but the ribbon is just something I had laying around.



1.  The envelopes are too small.  After I spent countless hours searching for them on the interweb, AND addressed about 50 of them.

2.  I can’t match the cardstock to make the maps.

3.  I need to make some sort of card specifically for families with small children that says, in nice words, ADULTS ONLY.


1.  Finish printing and cutting accommodation cards

2.  Find cream cardstock

3.  Print maps

4.  Make adults only card

5.  Print monograms and cut out to affix to top of ribbon

6.  Cut ribbon lengths, glue on monograms

7.  Poke holes in accom cards, maps, and adults only cards, and attach them together with brads.

8.  Affix stamps (polar bears) to RSVP cards

9.  Secretly number all RSVP cards so when people don’t put their names on them, I know who they are.

10.    Assemble invites, glue the backs

11.  Address envelopes  (already f’d that one up)

12.  Stuff envelopes

13.  Lucky number!  Stamps and return addresses.

Anyone want to help?


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