Weight! Arg!!!!!!!!

This post has been a long time coming.

Why do brides obsess so much about their weight?  I………. am……………..obsessed.

So obsessed, that I am having a “dry august” as Abby calls it- I’m not drinking this month.  I figure with all the wine I pound down nightly, it’s got to be worth at least 5lbs, right?  I get 3 breaks this month- B’s birthday, my bachlorette party/shower, and a concert.

I work out a lot.  So why, when I am working out so much, can’t I lose weight?  Cindy suggested Weight Watchers, and it worked for my friend Amy, she looks AMAZING.  But I don’t think it’s for me.  Right now, I log my food, I log my workouts, and that seems to help.  Normally, I work out 3-5 days a week, for an hour each.  I wear a heart rate monitor, and I don’t leave unless I burn 500 calories.  This is normal for me.  I can run 2 miles.  I am proud of my fitness level.  But 2 weeks ago, I pulled a muscle and I was told I can’t work out at the level I am accustomed to.  And I can’t run for 4-6 weeks.  I was devastated.  I feel better now.

It’s easier for me to keep my diet in check when I am not working out, because my appetite isn’t out of control.  I’m using this time (with twice weekly physical therapy) to really watch what I am putting into my mouth.  Reading Bikini by 30 and That Wife for motivation.

See, I told the woman at the alterations shop I promised I would not lose more than 5lbs, but I really want to prove myself wrong.  And get my money’s worth for those alterations!  Wish me luck.


2 responses to “Weight! Arg!!!!!!!!

  1. With your workout history, I wouldn’t recommend Weight Watchers. They’ll let you join to lose five pounds, but I don’t think it’s worth it for that small an amount of weight.

    Honestly, what is working best for me, next to working out seven days a week, is not eating meat or cheese, and eating only nonfat dairy. I’m losing a lot of weight that way. And it’s not hard. I also switched to unsweetened Almond Breeze instead of skim milk.

    So you might try that til the wedding and see what happens. Although I bet you’ll lose more than five pounds that way. I’ve lost 50! 20 more til goal!

    But you look fabulous and you are going to be a beautiful bride, so please don’t torture yourself!

    And thanks for the compliment!

  2. First and foremost, darling, you look great! And happy!

    Second, I obsessed about my body during my engagement too. I wanted to look and FEEL fantastic, and I also wanted to be strong for my ski honeymoon (and the occasional bathing suit I would put on to get in the hot tub, eep!).

    So, some thoughts …

    Are you drinking enough water? That’s such a huge factor in weight loss/maintenance. I drink a glass as soon as a wake up in the morning and also make sure I drink at least 7 more cups a day, a little more when I work out. Cut out any calories from liquids (coffee and tea are okay) and consume water. The occasional glass of wine won’t hurt you though, just do it in moderation.

    Does your heart rate monitor have a “% from fat” function? 500 calories is great, but where are they coming from? Sometimes, we work out too hard and our bodies tend to store food for the sake of preservation, so recovery is also key to maximizing your workout and losing weight.

    With that said, what are you eating? Eat a good carb, like a banana or Kashi bar before you work out, and recover with a protein powder (I like Designer Whey, Vanilla Praline) that you can mix in water. Yes, it’s drinkable calories but these are good for you calories (only 100, which doesn’t negate a workout) that help your body recover faster and don’t leave you desperate at the cookie jar.

    I’m with you on running and working out hard but, honestly, walking is one of the best fat-burning exercises out there. And walking in intervals (regular pace to power) teaches your body to burn fat and calories at a lower heart rate. I’ve suffered some injuries as well and have recently stepped back from more intense workouts and am focusing on fat burning exercises and strength.

    And saying that, strength training is key. Don’t underestimate it. A good, properly performed, routine with rest between sets can burn up to 500 calories (with a large percentage from fat) in an hour. We don’t see changes in our body unless we make our body strong. Start light, of course, three times a week, and you’ll feel (and slightly notice) a difference within three weeks.

    Best recommendation, if you don’t think WW is for you, invest in a couple of sessions with a personal trainer. S/he can set up a program for you based on your goals. I recently did this and wow (my arms are falling off today) what a difference it’s making.

    Good luck.

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