underwear? under there?

I went to get a really good bra on Tuesday.  Because every girl needs a really good bra.  And I’m sick of Victoria’s secret, I wanted to go to a shop where the people actually know what they are doing.  I went to Isabella Fine Lingerie on Armitage.

I had a corset style bra to wear at the wedding, but it went down to the top of my hip, and was a thick fabric.  The waist on my dress is at my natural waist, and you could see the 3″ underneath my waist of corset through the dress.  So I needed either:

1.  A corset style bra that went to the waist or;

2.  A strapless bra

The girl who helped me was very nice and seemed to know what she was doing.  She had me try on different bras, and lo and behold, I was wearing a band that was 4″ too big.  They say everyone wears the wrong bra size, it’s true.  I was wearing a 34 and I ended up with a 30.  It was snug, but for the wedding, she said it will stay put.  She recommended that in normal life I wear a 32, a size most stores don’t carry.  Oh well.

So accessories are as follows:

Shoes- Check

2nd pair shoes- Dirty and returned, hopefully Nine West will send a replacement but they are sold out online.


Undies- Check

Bra- check

Jewelry- Working on it

Veil- Check


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