You’re invited! To our fantastic Rehearsal Dinner!

Okay, not really.  Sorry.

RDin no edit

But I did finish the invites!  Take a gander at this baby:


I bought this card stock about 6 months ago on clearance at Target, and I thought they were thank-you notes.  They were papyrus brand, marked down from $16/box to $4/box, so I bought 4 boxes.  I pulled one out after my first Bachlorette Party to write thank-you’s on, and then realized they weren’t cards at all, they were invitations.  That solved the problem of paying for Rehearsal Dinner invitations, because I had just enough for the wedding party and our immediate families.


I had some serious trouble running them through the inkjet printer.  My best suggestion is to tell the printer you are printing on photo paper, otherwise it doesn’t want to take the cardstock.  It was pretty thick, and had a shiny finish.  All together, this took me about 3-4 hours.  Not too bad.


All ready to go!  Watch out for your mailbox!


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