No, this isn’t a post on losing your identity when you get married.

Someone really stole my identity, and it’s stressing me out.  There is a block on my credit (which I implemented), but in the week before this jerkface was caught, he/she/it attempted to open a credit card with every company imaginable.  With my social security number and a close address to my own.  So I am receiving calls from companies and mail from companies, and paperwork to fill out from companies.

Because this ahole took the time to fill out extra paperwork for fraud protection?  Really?  So far, he/she/it was only able to open one card, where they charged 800.00 to Bloomingdale’s, and took out about $2,000 in cash.  I was told I wasn’t responsible for the payments, but I had to fill out paperwork to prove it.  Where they asked me how the thief got my info.  Did I lose my social security card?  drivers license?  Passport?  Oh yeah, i did, I dropped it on the ground and didn’t feel like;

1.  Reporting it

2.  Picking it up.

This is just too much for me to handle.  I also am being challenged by my insurance for the physical therapy I have been going to.  They are “investigating” the incident, (where I pulled a muscle) and sent me a certified letter from an attorney.



One response to “Identity

  1. OMG. You seriously do not need this. I am so sorry – I hope this get cleared up soon. Love You!

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