Looking on Etsy

I like these from seller Yinvivo.


Necessary?  Probably not.  But maybe, if you know my Mom.  Thoughts?


One response to “Looking on Etsy

  1. Hi,

    I subscribe to Google Alert which is how I got here… thanks for blogging! Please feel free to contact me anytime to chat further.

    Just to clarify about the signs as the designer:

    I understand from the brides themselves who order these signs that there are a few reasons.

    From adding a touch of decoration and formality to chairs simply placed in rows, to saying a big Thank You to the parents of the bride and groom, friends and family who are part of the wedding party… or just simply, to reserve the seats for the wedding party.

    I’ve also had brides order these signs customized as place cards on the dinner table, signs for doors and favor baskets, gift card bird cages, etc.

    Be creative, that’s it! Every wedding is different, so if you feel these signs will add to yours, I’m glad to help.


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