Stupid Martha. Cakestand tutorial.

Okay, Martha isn’t stupid.  But she makes everything seem SO much easier than it is.

Martha’s Cake Stand Tutorial

Tools and Materials
1/2-inch-thick plywood
Paint and paintbrush (check)
Drill and screwdriver (check)
4 knobs with screws (check)
Hot-glue gun (check)
Ribbon and silk flowers (check)

The hardware store you buy the plywood from will cut it into a square (or rectangle) of any size; for a circle, you’ll need the help of a woodworker with a jigsaw. Paint, and let dry. Drill holes for knobs and attach. Cover edge of board by hot-gluing on ribbons and tucking stems of flowers underneath before glue sets.

Easy Peasy, right?

I have everything but the plywood.  I need an 18″ Square piece.  How hard is that?

Can’t get it at:

  • Menards
  • Home Depot
  • Hardware store (2 weeks! Are you kidding me?)

I am going to end up driving 10 miles to get some GD plywood.  I’ll keep you posted.


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