We are having some trouble with two vendors.

The florist had us send a $600.00 check to a P.O. box with the contract.  She didn’t recieve it (probably because she had us send it to the company name, not her name)  She won’t return our phone calls.

Originally, the only reason we went with her was because she was so reasonably priced.  But her lack of organization and professionalism is too much for me right now.

Then, today, I received this email:

Hi Anne,

After reviewing our contract, I just can’t do it at the price we discussed.  It would put me into the negative.  I want to shoot your wedding but not at my own discomfort.     If you look at other videographers, the price for 2 camera men shooting HD is between $2000 – $3000.  And I’m sure you’ve had a look at what photographers charge.  _____________ produces the best quality wedding videos at the most unbeatable price in the midwest.
I can offer you 2 remedies:
(1) A discounted price of $500 For the whole day ;8-10 hours.  This includes a private shoot with you and your fiance.
Please be patient as the file size is very large.   The preferred movie player is quicktime.  If you don’t have quicktime, you can download it for free at Apple – QuickTime
For best results, in quicktime, on the menu, choose ‘View ‘  -> ‘Actual Size’
This will give you a good idea of the professional service we offer.
We will mail you an updated contract with a clause stating $500 as the final fee for your wedding. No changes.
(2) Cancel and I will mail your $50 back to you.
This sucks.   What would you do?  He wants to raise the price by almost $200, but we already signed a contract!

6 responses to “Vendors.

  1. This is a terrible thing to say to a bride: I want to shoot your wedding but not at my own discomfort.

    I say chuck him and get your $50 back. Honestly, most people who video their wedding spend most of their wedding being followed around (annoyingly) by these guys (all they want is their shots) only to watch the video one time.

    My advice, spend a little more on the photographer.

  2. Dear Lord – Is that even legal? I agree with Cindy – find someone new or no video. Maybe someone could just do an amateur video and it would be just as good?

  3. balls. have someone you know “take care of this” if you know what i mean….

  4. Have you considered posting this to Consumerist? That might seem a little extreme but your vendor shouldn’t be able to do this to you so late in the game.

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