Cakestand, dude.

Here is the real cakestand tutorial.

1.  Find a place to get plywood.  If you live in Chicago, go to Shannon Lumber Co. on Belmont.  Make sure you know the dimensions, not only of the cake, but the cardboard it is coming on.

2.  Have your fiance sand it for you.

showerbach 176

3.  Have your fiance drill holes for you.

showerbach 174

4.  Buy 4 cheap knobs.  I went to Menards.  You may need to replace the screws if they are too long.  I did.

showerbach 170

5.  Get Rustoleum Spray paint.

showerbach 180 Spray board.  Do this outside.

showerbach 179

6.  Make your sister go to Joann’s with you to buy ribbon, preferably if she has driven 5 hours to see you for your shower.

showerbach 184

7.  Yell at her just a little to get the ribbon straight, you glue and she ribbons.

showerbach 182 Do it fast, the glue gun dries quick.

showerbach 181

7.  Now you are awesome.

showerbach 186


One response to “Cakestand, dude.

  1. awesome! DIY queen

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