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Weather! Perfect!

Oct 3

Partly Cloudy





Nostril Piercing

Recently, I started a new job (I know, you are all sick of hearing about it) and I am no longer allowed to wear my nose piercing at work.  I have had my nose pierced for about 7 years, so it’s a part of me.  But now I am liking not wearing it, sometimes.  It’s nice not to have to push it back in when it sticks out, and in terms of cleanlliness, well, maube that thing is why I am so prone to sinus infections.  So here’s the conumdrum:  Do I wear it for the wedding?  I have worn it for so long, and it seems like it’s part of me.  But also, maybe I am moving on to a new time in my life where I don’t wear it anymore.  If you don’t know me, it’s not huge, it’s just a little silver dot.  Most people don’t notice it.


I think I’m getting better at saying “no”.  There is an open house at my new job (at night) while I am on leave for the wedding, and I was nervous to say “no”.  But I did, and no one cared.  Seriously, no one cared AT ALL.  Sometimes my worrying is just too silly.


Wedding Weather:

Hi 70°F
Lo 51°F
Hi 88°F
Lo 36°F

To Do:

The final things to do (in 13 days)
Get hair highlighted/trimmed

Get waxed in all the right places

Pick up dress, figure out bustle

Drop floating candles off at florist

Meet with caterer for final details/payment

Meet with deejay for final details/payment

Don’t eat any chips or fries for 13 days

Finish writing vows

Escort Cards (sister hipster homeowner will do this)

Make OOT bags, distribute

I am worried about forgetting something.  If you could open the fire escape of our house (it’s enclosed and we use it for storage) you would see it is PACKED with stuff to be taken to the wedding.  Packed.  I already packed one bag with the rings, lingerie, etc.  13 days, yo!

Saving Grace

My saving graces:

1. The copy lady at my new school who periodically comes by and gives me bubble wrap to pop.

2. The boy who came back after he accidentally stole my pen and brought it back, saying “I made the baby Jesus cry” (what I tell them happens if they steal)

3. Extra prep period- HOLLA! I can do this.


I am just so tired.
I am working at this new job- this fabulous new job, but I am writing all the curriculum that I use. Most people who write curriculum get paid big bucks to sit in an office all day, and never see the inside of a classroom. I get paid like at teacher, and still teach like a teacher. But I have to make up everything that I teach.

That means all lesson plans, unit plans, handouts, homework sheets, every minute of every day I do all on my own. It’s just…………so………..much. And there is a first year teacher who is only teaching from a standardized curriculum who keeps complaining- he has everything laid out for him! Everything! When to breathe.

I need to breathe.

It just makes me want to cry. I don’t know why, I just feel so overwhelmed right now. I know I can do this, but there is just too much on my plate.

1. The wedding
2, This new job
3. Back to Grad school starting this week.

Don’t get me wrong, if I was at my old job, I would be stressed in a worse way, this feeling of helplessness and anger, at least here I know I can do what I need to do, it just seems like an enormous task. I need to count my blessings that I am starting here now, when I am still relatively young and don’t have that much to do outside of work (no family, etc).

I think I need more sleep. I was going to take just Thurs/Fri off before the wedding, but lately I am leaning towards 3 days before and 3 after.
I would love some supportive words of encouragement. Thanks Blogosphere.