Breaking up with my Florist

I can’t do it anymore.

My florist is a lovely woman, but she is so disorganized.  I met her when she gave me a facial at a spa, I was newly engaged, you know the drill.  What a great person!  What a great deal!  Yay~!

At our first meeting, she was an hour late.  She had floral design books from the mid-8o’s.  But she seemed to know what she was doing.

She was very slow on the contract (I am embarrassed to say this) Eventually, I got fed up and wrote the contract myself.  And she raised her prices.

She revised it, 2 months later.  She is slow to return emails, phone calls, at our last “meeting” she just pulled up her car for 2 minutes in the street.  I was expecting to sit down and discuss contract changes, and sign the contract.   But she just gave it to me.  And I mailed it, and it got lost with our check.  Then on Friday, she promised to stop by our house, then never called.  It was the last straw.

As I discussed here,  we have a $600 check floating around, and Brendan is cancelling it right this minute.  Another $35 down the drain.  I am going to fire her today.  Wish me luck.


One response to “Breaking up with my Florist

  1. i’m still dying to hear how you ‘broke up’ with your photographer…
    last post about him, i think you said you were going to let him wait it out to hear back from you.

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