Breaking Bad

The bad, bad videographer.  He kept emailing me, but he couldn’t call because, why, Anne?

because he lost my phone number!  Great business, Mr. Man.

I cannot explain to you how angry I was here.  I swear there was smoke coming out of my ears.  Brendan wouldn’t let me ream the guy out, because I just kept yelling about how I couldn’t wait to “Yelp the s— out of him”.  I was like a broken record.

When Brendan talked to him, to terminate the contract because he just RANDOMLY asked for more money, even though we had a contract, he didn’t understand why we would cancel.  I dunno, because, now that you have asked for;

1.  More money (the first time)

2.  2 Vendor meals (even after the contract!)

3.  More money (a second time!) (After the contract!)

I don’t trust you anymore.  When Brendan said he (I’m paraphrasing) thought it was unethical to try to change a signed contract, the guy said; “Ok” and hung up.

We got our deposit back.  The “company” name  is Loudbyte videography.  Don’t hire them.


2 responses to “Breaking Bad

  1. Does this man not know about the internet? When you are super sketchy and break your contract, people write about it. Speaking of, did you see Dooce got a free washer by twittering?

  2. I need an iphone to twitter!

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