To Do:

The final things to do (in 13 days)
Get hair highlighted/trimmed

Get waxed in all the right places

Pick up dress, figure out bustle

Drop floating candles off at florist

Meet with caterer for final details/payment

Meet with deejay for final details/payment

Don’t eat any chips or fries for 13 days

Finish writing vows

Escort Cards (sister hipster homeowner will do this)

Make OOT bags, distribute

I am worried about forgetting something.  If you could open the fire escape of our house (it’s enclosed and we use it for storage) you would see it is PACKED with stuff to be taken to the wedding.  Packed.  I already packed one bag with the rings, lingerie, etc.  13 days, yo!


One response to “To Do:

  1. I am seriously feeling devastated that I won’t be with you in 13 days. I am going to have to do an ode to Anne on my website on the day of your wedding. I miss you and love you!!

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