Nostril Piercing

Recently, I started a new job (I know, you are all sick of hearing about it) and I am no longer allowed to wear my nose piercing at work.  I have had my nose pierced for about 7 years, so it’s a part of me.  But now I am liking not wearing it, sometimes.  It’s nice not to have to push it back in when it sticks out, and in terms of cleanlliness, well, maube that thing is why I am so prone to sinus infections.  So here’s the conumdrum:  Do I wear it for the wedding?  I have worn it for so long, and it seems like it’s part of me.  But also, maybe I am moving on to a new time in my life where I don’t wear it anymore.  If you don’t know me, it’s not huge, it’s just a little silver dot.  Most people don’t notice it.

2 responses to “Nostril Piercing

  1. Have you tried looking at a picture of yourself with and without it (all made up of course) and seeing if you have a preference for one look over the other?

  2. Take it with you the morning of the wedding and see how you feel. I dithered about wearing earrings and a necklace. I didn’t decide until I was completely ready. Then I tried them on and decided I liked the earrings but I didn’t like the necklace.

    Simply enough.

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