Monthly Archives: October 2009

So much to do.

I am going to start recapping as soon as we get the professional photos back. Maybe some other photos, but the one’s I’ve seen aren’t the best ever.

I cried last night I had such a bad day at work. Total mental breakdown. But I promise I’ll get out of the funk soon.

BTW: Who got us a rice cooker? You didn’t leave a card.

Not Quite Ready

I am still recovering. Now, looking back, I can’t believe I did it. Started a new job, did my National Board certification, was in a Masters Program (3 more months) and planned the wedding.

The Wedding:

And I really have no regrets. It makes me so sad when Bridal Bloggers list their “should haves”. We got married! That’s all that matters!

I will blog about it more when I get all the pictures and finish recovering. My house is filled with wedding crap that I still need to go through, we just finished opening gifts on Saturday, I have a million thank you notes to write. Excuses, excuses. It’s only been a week, people!

Right now I am pissed because Brendan and I can’t share an Iphone plan because he has a different area code on his phone number. So I still have my jankity red razor phone.

Okay, a day of returns (extra cardstock, bone folders, wedding undies I never wore (I SWEAR)).

Hold Your Horses.