The week of the Wedding

I took off Wed, Thurs, Friday before the wedding.

I’m so glad I did.  We had family coming in starting on Wed.  I had stuff to do, and we had to pack up SO MUCH STUFF and take it to the hotel. I was also freaking out about the weather at this point, so I was searching for a shawl to wear.  On Thursday, we went and got a couples massage and that was very calming.

Friday we got our nails done, and still searched for a shawl.  I ate lunch at Taco Bell.  It was good.

Right before the rehearsal I put my RD dress on and it was big.  It slid a little bit, and I was worried.  I hadn’t weighted myself in a while, but I think i had lost about 5 pounds at that point.  But the wedding dress fit the next day.

At the rehearsal, everything went by so fast.  I felt like I really had to talk to everyone at the dinner, and we had tall bar tables which weren’t conducive to sitting for a long period of time, so I mingled the whole time.  Becky made me eat, otherwise I wouldn’t have.

I spent the night at the hotel Friday night after the rehearsal.  Best idea ever.  My maids stayed with me so I wasn’t lonely.  Next up:  getting ready in the morning!


3 responses to “The week of the Wedding

  1. You were so well prepared – sounds like everything was perfect! Get skype so we can talk! Love You!

  2. Umm, where are you?

  3. Anne, where are you? We miss your posts!!

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