And we’re back!

The first look:

All photos courtesy of Laura Meyer Photography.

I called a local record store the week before the wedding to make sure we could do the first look there.  They didn’t mind.

I had the boys call when Brendan left, then I waited 10 minutes before we caught a cab.  We beat Brendan to the record store, and everyone was confused how we had beat him.  I knew it though, he walked.  Gotta get that excercise.

Me waiting



patiently waiting to go in.


Our first look at each other…………….

Let’s buy some records.  So casual!


Some of the other patrons wanted to kill us!  Oh well.




Ahh, on to portraits!



So much to do.

I am going to start recapping as soon as we get the professional photos back. Maybe some other photos, but the one’s I’ve seen aren’t the best ever.

I cried last night I had such a bad day at work. Total mental breakdown. But I promise I’ll get out of the funk soon.

BTW: Who got us a rice cooker? You didn’t leave a card.

Not Quite Ready

I am still recovering. Now, looking back, I can’t believe I did it. Started a new job, did my National Board certification, was in a Masters Program (3 more months) and planned the wedding.

The Wedding:

And I really have no regrets. It makes me so sad when Bridal Bloggers list their “should haves”. We got married! That’s all that matters!

I will blog about it more when I get all the pictures and finish recovering. My house is filled with wedding crap that I still need to go through, we just finished opening gifts on Saturday, I have a million thank you notes to write. Excuses, excuses. It’s only been a week, people!

Right now I am pissed because Brendan and I can’t share an Iphone plan because he has a different area code on his phone number. So I still have my jankity red razor phone.

Okay, a day of returns (extra cardstock, bone folders, wedding undies I never wore (I SWEAR)).

Hold Your Horses.


Weather! Perfect!

Oct 3

Partly Cloudy




Nostril Piercing

Recently, I started a new job (I know, you are all sick of hearing about it) and I am no longer allowed to wear my nose piercing at work.  I have had my nose pierced for about 7 years, so it’s a part of me.  But now I am liking not wearing it, sometimes.  It’s nice not to have to push it back in when it sticks out, and in terms of cleanlliness, well, maube that thing is why I am so prone to sinus infections.  So here’s the conumdrum:  Do I wear it for the wedding?  I have worn it for so long, and it seems like it’s part of me.  But also, maybe I am moving on to a new time in my life where I don’t wear it anymore.  If you don’t know me, it’s not huge, it’s just a little silver dot.  Most people don’t notice it.


I think I’m getting better at saying “no”.  There is an open house at my new job (at night) while I am on leave for the wedding, and I was nervous to say “no”.  But I did, and no one cared.  Seriously, no one cared AT ALL.  Sometimes my worrying is just too silly.