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Shower Details:

showerbach 207

I got recipies from everyone.  My bridesmaid Becky recorded all the gifts and put all the recipes in this adorable holder!

showerbach 197

I opened lots of gifts.

showerbach 192

There were pretty flowers on the tables:

showerbach 203

Everyone got favors that my MIL made.  Wine bottles labeled with our Save-the-Date!

She glued them all hersself, don’t they look professional?


Everyone also got Bath and Body works Kitchen soap, because it was a Kitchen Shower!

showerbach 191

Fun was had by all!


Project #2003

showerbach 211

Make these look nice.

Working on it.

Look at this haul:

Where on earth am I going to put all these gifts?

showerbach 202

Oh Lord.  Thank you everyone, I am so spoiled!

Cakestand, dude.

Here is the real cakestand tutorial.

1.  Find a place to get plywood.  If you live in Chicago, go to Shannon Lumber Co. on Belmont.  Make sure you know the dimensions, not only of the cake, but the cardboard it is coming on.

2.  Have your fiance sand it for you.

showerbach 176

3.  Have your fiance drill holes for you.

showerbach 174

4.  Buy 4 cheap knobs.  I went to Menards.  You may need to replace the screws if they are too long.  I did.

showerbach 170

5.  Get Rustoleum Spray paint.

showerbach 180 Spray board.  Do this outside.

showerbach 179

6.  Make your sister go to Joann’s with you to buy ribbon, preferably if she has driven 5 hours to see you for your shower.

showerbach 184

7.  Yell at her just a little to get the ribbon straight, you glue and she ribbons.

showerbach 182 Do it fast, the glue gun dries quick.

showerbach 181

7.  Now you are awesome.

showerbach 186

Update from my lovely vendor

Oh, an email from the guy who wants to raise the prices even though we have a contract:

Hi Anne,
I sent you an email a few days ago regarding cost. I’d give you a call but don’t have your number in my records.
Give me a call soon as you can so we can sort this out.


Big surprise, Steve. You are so professional, I can see why you don’t even have my number on file.
I’m going to make you squirm for a few more days before I ask for my money back.



Coloring Books

I don’t have enough to do, so obviously I spent 1 day last week making coloring books to put on the tables for the cocktail hour.

showerbach 168

Let’s be clear:  These are not for children.  They are for intoxicated adults.

showerbach 169

showerbach 167

Brendan prefers colored pencils, I like crayons.

I bought both.

showerbach 166

Cheers!  I don’t remember where I got it, but email me if you want the template.

Just a thought.

38 days out, if you are OCD like me;

It sucks to be looking for a new Florist AND Videography.

And I can’t wait to yelp the s— out of this video guy.  And find someone on Weddingbee to post about it.  And post it on Consumerist (thanks, Monica) and maybe i’ll join Angie’s list JUST TO SCREW HIM OVER.

At least my anger fueled me to run a mile this morning.